Thursday, February 2, 2012

Extra Yarn

Just when you think the last word about knitting's been written something shows up in the shop to say otherwise.  I'm reminded every day that knitting isn't always about knitting; sometimes it's about friendship and community and the relationships we form and the things we do for others because we care about them and we love to knit.  I was reminded again the other day when the book Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett arrived.  (Actually it arrived twice, once from the publisher and then from someone else, but that's a whole other story which I'll share with you in a bit.)  This book is a little fable about knitting and yarn and friendship and faith.  It's beautifully illustrated by Jon Klassen, has a wonderful main character - Annabelle and features her beautifully adorned (in a dog sweater!) companion - Mars.  Of course there's a villain, but Annabelle triumphs.  Knitter power!  Along with all the wonderful Indie designers and clever stitchers who are publishing e-books and patterns there will be Annabelle, Mars and this lovely story.

Many years ago I met someone through knitting who has become a very dear friend.  We have been with each other through knitting triumphs and failures, not to mention life's many ups and downs.  When she brought me this book I was so touched because it so perfectly illustrated for me this knitting world I live in-- literally and figuratively-- our store window is filled with dog sweaters by Corinne Niessner who also works with me, but I also felt a kinship to Annabelle who's stitching away in her "cold little town".  So here's to knitting, stitching, yarn, friendship, dogs and community!


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csemrad said...

There is no better community than the Knit 1 table on any afternoon or evening, surrounded by friends, new, old and soon to be. Woof!