August's kit, designed by Knit 1's own Amelia Plunk, uses 2 colors of Jilly with Cashmere by Dream in Color to create a kerchief style shawl.

Launch party for this kit is Wednesday, August 17th 6:30 - 8:30PM.

Kit will include 2 colors of Jilly with Cashmere by Dream in Color, and a large bento style project bag.  You will need a size 6 29"+ circular for this project. This kit comes in 3 color combinations***. The first, Brownie & Gilt, are the colors pictures in the sample. Second is a Grey & Coral, and the third is a light blue and multi pink & green. There are limited quantities of each color combination.

***You can sub for the colors of your choice from in-store options for an additional $10.  

August Kit - needles

Please note that if you elect to pick up your pre-ordered kit at the Launch Party, your shipping will be refunded.  Kits will be shipped August 18th.

Amelia Plunk is a huge fiber nerd. In fact, she is a huge nerd in general. She is working on her Master's Degree in Science Education at Northwestern, and also holds degrees in physics and materials engineering. She has a passion for understanding fiber from a materials properties standpoint and uses her website and podcast, Hops and Hanks, to explore the science behind why fiber behaves the way it does. She began designing knit accessories in 2015 for Chicago Knits Magazine