to get you interested in our crochet classes??? We keep hearing crochet is the next big thing and yet... where are the droves of knitters looking to add more skills to their knitting bag of tricks? Or the craftless crew? Where are you? Maybe if we slashed the price of the classes in half 5 classes for 50 bucks...would that pique your interest? These days that's less an hour than a cup of coffee!

Here's the deal: sign up any time in the next ...say from Memorial Day through the 4th of July and get a block of 5 crochet classes for $50. You don't have to use the classes within that time, only purchase them. Why stop there? Buy a block of 5 Open Project Knitting Classes and get 2 free. Interested in learning to knit? Take $20 off the price of the beginners class. If you're looking for something to do this summer look to Knit 1.