We're Still Here!!! And we have great gift ideas for this holiday season.

In stock the improved Addi Clicks. Improved in how they packaged them; the bulky box is gone replaced by a nice faux leather traveling case and by adding a #5 tip, although lovers of chunkier yarn weights might not see this as an improvement as they did away with the #10.75 (this tip can be ordered separately).

Next we have a couple of great knitting bags from Jordana Paige. We love these bags because they don't scream, "I'm carrying around my knitting!" They're just fashionable bags that happen to be made for carrying around your knitting!

Last but not least we have a new yarn by Cascade. Eco Duo, a 70% alpaca, 30% merino worsted weight blend that has a gorgeous hand. All various shades of natural (undyed) colors that has a slight color gradation and like the rest of the "Eco" line great yardage at a great price!

bags and yarn set to arrive Monday, November 30