This was a shrug I did for the store window a couple years back. I had forgotten about it but was going through things to pack up and thought I would resurrect it.

It's a simple shrug with a couple more advanced techniques thrown in to make it challenging. A provisional or invisible cast on is used to create seamless sleeves by grafting (kitchner) the 1st & last row together; while short rows are used to create a slight shawl collar.

Hope you all enjoy!

A Simple Shrug

2 skeins Misti Alpaca Super Chunky or @100-120yds of the equivalent yarn
#19 (24" or 29") needles
darning needle for finishing
stitch markers
gauge: @1.5sts = 1" in stockinette stitch
note: always slip the 1st stitch of each row purlwise
finished length 36" slightly stretched

Using a provisional cast on, cast on 48sts (Theresa Vinson Stenersen has a good tutorial on provisional/invisible cast on

Knit 1 row marking 11 sts on each side for the sleeves (k11, pm, k26, pm, k11).

Begin short rows: short rows assistance if you need it.

Purl 24, pm (to mark the center; I find this helpful to have a visual to divide the work as I'm making short rows.), p2, wrap & turn (from now on referred to as w/t).
K4, w/t
P2, pu wrap & ptog with stitch it's wrapped around, p2, w/t
K7, pu wrap ktog, k2, w/t
P10, pu wrap ptog, p2, w/t
K13, pu wrap ktog, k2, w/t
P16, pu wrap ptog, p3, w/t
K20, pu wrap ktog, k3, w/t
P24, pu wrap ptog, p to end
K36, pu wrap ktog, k11

Work in stockinette stitch for as many rows needed to circle your upper arms. Graft/kitchner (again Theresa has a great tutorial on grafting) as many stitches needed to have the sleeves reach your armpits; 11 is average @ 8.5". Starting at the outer sleeve edge work towards the center. Bind off loosely or Julie from knittedbliss turned me onto this great video tutorial with Cat Bordhi for a springy bind off.