it's the Summer solstice, it's 90+ degrees outside, the humidity is 99.9% and all you can think about is new yarn and patterns.  TNNA was a riot of color, patterns, yarn and new products.   Over the next couple of months you'll see new products from Lantern Moon-- beautiful needle cases and accessories as well as a select few needles and crochet hooks made as only they do in beautiful woods and packaged in their own unique way.

We are getting Dream in Color, Lorna's Laces and Jade Sapphire Cashmere along with patterns to support these beautiful fibers.  The independent designers are creating wonderful garments; sweaters, shawls, jackets and accessories like I've not seen before.  Some of the designers to watch for are: Ysolda Teague, Stephen West, Skif and Cocoknits.

The other exciting thing is Stitch Cooperative, a group of independent designers whose patterns are available through this blog.  I've put a link to them on the side over there.  I've barely begun to explore the wealth of patterns on this site.  It's got great search capability and they are updating it regularly.  Keep an eye out for a special offer with their patterns and yarn from Knit 1!

In the meantime, just a word of warning.  When I got to the shop last night there was no phone or Internet service.  I called AT&T who promised, ever so reassuringly, that they would promptly (?) restore service by 6PM on FRIDAY!!!!  REALLY?????  So, if you need to reach me email me or call and leave a message and I'll check frequently and get back to you.  Uggghhhh.