August begins with a sock class.  It's really a pleasure to see everyone's creation.  Yes, they're all socks, but each one is truly unique and sock yarn has such character and to watch it turn into its own distinct and special garment is very gratifying.  Participants will be using an Ann Norling pattern which has directions for socks of all sizes using any weight of yarn the knitter chooses, so if sock yarn is not your pleasure there are plenty of other yarns to choose from.  Those of you not taking the class can buy the pattern from us to knit on your own.  It's very easy to follow; mine has become my standard sock pattern. 

I have put all of the new "indie" patterns into little orange drawers on the shelf behind the desk.  The Chic Knits patterns are really intriguing me, I won't be starting for a bit, but by the time I'm ready the Lorna's Laces Green DK should be here.  The patterns didn't come with plastic sleeves but I have them for you to use to protect the pattern.  Just ask, they're in the drawer too. 

See you Sockers tonight.