Abydos Tank in Progress

I have discovered crochet.  I'm working on my first garment.  I don't know why I didn't recognize this craft for what it is until just recently.  I noticed the first inkling of inspiration when I saw some of the beautiful pieces our customers have been creating.  That little seedlet grew when I took the first class here at Knit 1 with Tashia Butterfield and now it's, truth be told, a full-blown obsession marked by hours spent on Ravelry looking at and studying crochet patterns and groups, and sneaking time away to work on my tank top.  Frankly, this crochet thing is eating into my knitting time.  When I'm not crocheting (eating, driving, sleeping) I'm thinking about it... since I shouldn't live alone in this new and wonderful world here are a few of the things that have been my inspiration over the last month:
by Doris Chan

Doris Chan.  Check out her blog and her books and her wonderful patterns. http://doriseverydaycrochet.blogspot.com
(my tank is from this book!)

Attic 24: a very colorful crocheter living in England.  I just love her sense of color, it's very happy!
from Attic 24's website
 When you visit her website you'll understand.  http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/

When I was at TNNA, the industry trade show, I met Dora Ohrenstein.  She has a fantastic website with loads of resources called Crochet Insider http://crochetinsider.com/.  She's also the author of Creating Crochet Fabric, a book I have poured over now for the last month.
Dora Ohrenstein's book

My dear friend Judy Swartz is the author of among other things 2 wonderful crochet books: Hip to Crochet http://www.interweavestore.com/Crochet/Books/Hip-To-Crochet.html and Getting Started Crochet http://www.interweavestore.com/Crochet/Books/Getting-Started-Crochet.html.  Since she can't be here holding my hand and advising me, I look to her books for virtual reassurance. Thank you Judy!

So needless to say, I own a "knit" shop which is now feeding my all consuming crochet passion and that of those crocheters who share it, and in order to nurture that little inkling growing inside me and other knitters, crafters and crocheters I have added to the inventory. We now have some wonderful crochet hooks from Lantern Moon in ebony, you have to try them to appreciate them, and more crochet hooks-- Tunisian and traditional, hand made, from Twin Birch; not to mention all the fabulous fall and winter yarns arriving every day!

We are adding to our classes too.  We are just finishing a 4 week Tunisian class and we are starting an Intermediate Crochet/Project Class on Thursday, October 21st.  In this 4 week class  (4 consecutive Thursdays) you choose the project and we will help you with pattern reading, yarn choice, gauge and stitching.  This is great way to improve your crochet skills, inspire yourself with yarn and stitch experimentation and perhaps make a holiday gift for someone special (maybe yourself!).  4 weeks for $85, does not include any supplies.  Please call or email to register.

Stop by to see new yarns and patterns and check out the original Knit 1 crochet designs by Knit 1 founder, Karen Clements.  They're for sale here on the right side of the blog and are made using super bulky yarn.  Crochet it tonight, wear it tomorrow!