I finished my scarf last night.  I was kind of sorry, like the end of a good book.  Happily, I have lots more stash, and I'm going to start another one right away.   A couple of notes for those of you knitting this or planning to.

1. Use a bigger needle than you normally would.  I used a 10 when I would have used an 8.  I think I could have used a 10.5 with good results.  It's a stiff stitch because you are slipping stitches every row.

2. If you knit two rows of each color, as I did, you may want to cut fringe as you go.  When you knit two rows of each color, you wind up with all of your ends on one side and if you decide you want fringe you will have to go back, find all your colors, and cut them and attach them.

3. Knot your ends as you go.  Some of my ends got tangled and un-wound themselves.  I tied three at a time.

4. Solid colors will create a stripe-y effect and variegated colors interact with each other in a more subtle way.  Not good, not bad, just saying.

5.  Bind off on the WS row, purlwise, with a much smaller needle.  I used a US3 and it was perfect.  Thank you doubleknitlatte for your expert advice (knitting and otherwise!)

We have the lending library open and available for your browsing pleasure.  Feel free to peruse it anytime you like during store hours.

The pattern is available online, through www.ravelry.com, it's called the Lengthwise Scrappy Scarf and the designer is Zona Sherman.

The top photo is the purl side or what the pattern refers to as the wrong side (WS) and the bottom is the knit side (RS)