The Adalines are rolling in.  If you want ideas about how to modify your sweater, here are two: short sleeves and ribbon through the picot eyelets at the top of the neckline.  So sweet.  If you'd like us to help with your modifications we are glad to offer assistance.  The pattern is written with no shaping to the sleeve.  I did 2 mirrored decreases every 5 rows.  I ended with 36 stitches which is nice and snug on my wrist.  In this one, several rows were added to the sleeve and she purled one row, knit one row and bound off purlwise.  Our friends at Soutache helped her pick out the perfect velvet ribbon.

Here's mine.  Soutache helped me choose these vintage-y buttons.  I used the picot eyelets as my button holes.

I would love to hear updates on your sweaters.  We'll have a little celebration to mark the end of the KAL in March.  I'll announce the date soon.


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