It's a good news bad news kind of post.  First the good news:  We received our Habu shipment this week.  It's beautiful, intriguing, mysterious and inspiring.  We continue to think of things we can knit with it.  We have many of the Coco Knits and Skif patterns which are designed for this yarn:  flowy late-summer garments which go well into fall.  If you want inspiration look at the patterns of Kirsten Johnstone.  She is the author of assemblage, a wonderful blog with gorgeous photographs.  I have knit her se[ven] circle-- a necklace/neckpiece-- which is a free pattern.  I'm now envisioning it in Cotton Gima or the Tsumugi Silk held with a strand of mohair/silk.  Habu garments are surprisingly affordable-- the Coco Knits patterns can be made for around $50; accessories are a fraction of that.  Now, for those of you who want only the good news *spoiler alert* stop here.

Wool prices have soared over the last year or so, and we are now feeling the effects.  Some of our favorites are taking the hit-- Cash Vero, Cascade 220 and Eco Wool.  Everything that I have in stock will remain at the current price, but the new orders will be reflecting the price change. 

We are planning the 2nd annual Yarn Crawl!  I'll be talking about it along with Lisa Whiting of Sifu at the WCKG meeting on Tuesday, July 19th.  Stay posted...