The mitten on a cold, rainy morning
the inside of the mitten: soft, curly thrums

(1) : a fringe of warp threads left on the loom after the cloth has been removed 

This is the definition of a thrum from the Merriam Webster online dictionary.  Originally thrifty crafters in cold climates used all the bits they could muster for knitting warm clothing.  The thrums I'm talking about are pieces of roving that are knit into a garment-- most often mitts, to help keep you warm, much like the fleece on a sheep keeps it toasty warm.  It's like shearling inside your mittens.  On Friday, October 14th Liz Sutter (who knows about cold, just saying) is going to teach an all day workshop on Thrummed Mittens.   Class is from 9 - 4 with an hour and a half break for lunch.  The cost is $70 and doesn't include the materials, but will include the pattern.  We will have roving for sale, courtesy of Liz and she tells me we can use any worsted weight wool.  New Noro?!  This is an advanced beginner level class and I will give you all the details when you call the shop 773.244.1646 to sign up.  We are going to keep the group small so we can get lots of attention.

Check out the photos of the Christmas Stockings from the class of the same name.  Another session of it starts on Monday, and there's still room!
Sue's stocking

Cory's stocking

Bianca's stocking showing the heel in progress

The cuff of Bianca's stocking
Tammy's stocking
We've missed all you fairweather knitters and hookers.  Welcome back!