I'm lusting after pink.  I spent an entire girlhood avoiding that color.  I wore red-- lots of it, until I turned 13 and then I wore black, and have pretty much ever since.  Truthfully though, the pinks I'm liking aren't the pastel-y bubblegum-y ones, they have nuanced tones of copper and burnt orange, and look more like lily petals than candy.  One of our new yarns this season is a hand painted linen from Claudia Handpainted Yarns  When you see the colors you'll understand the attraction.  I knit this little baby sweater in it, but we've been thinking about it for our transitional pieces like Coco Knits Gisela, Liesl and Paulina.
I had the inspiration to knit a baby sweater in linen since it's such a sturdy fiber.  I threw it in the washing machine (with my workout clothes) and let it spin away.  I chose not to dry it, but lay it flat in the sun.  It looked like it had been pressed!  Our Claudia rep, Kim, suggested throwing it in the dryer.  Will do, Kim.  Now that's an easy care garment.  Perfect for kids!  And hypo allergenic! 

Our next round of classes is starting now.  We have 2 sessions of Beginning Knitting on Wednesday mornings and Sunday mornings.  Mornings at the shop are really nice; the light is perfect and really conducive to knitting.  Christmas Stocking class starts next Monday night.  If you've been wanting to learn to knit with color and read a chart this is the bomb you all!  You get to choose from several charted color patterns to create a totally unique sock.  Cory's is knit in pretty non-traditional colors (really?) and is gorgeous.  This is also a good way to use up some stash.  We still have the Lending Library and there are some really pretty worsteds in those bins.  Participants may also wish to share their yarns.  Feel free to buy and share!  I'm thinking Noro Christmas Stocking...  Call the shop to register  $75 for 3 weeks, pattern included.