Just when you think the last word about knitting's been written something shows up in the shop to say otherwise.  I'm reminded every day that knitting isn't always about knitting; sometimes it's about friendship and community and the relationships we form and the things we do for others because we care about them and we love to knit.  I was reminded again the other day when the book Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett arrived.  (Actually it arrived twice, once from the publisher and then from someone else, but that's a whole other story which I'll share with you in a bit.)  This book is a little fable about knitting and yarn and friendship and faith.  It's beautifully illustrated by Jon Klassen, has a wonderful main character - Annabelle and features her beautifully adorned (in a dog sweater!) companion - Mars.  Of course there's a villain, but Annabelle triumphs.  Knitter power!  Along with all the wonderful Indie designers and clever stitchers who are publishing e-books and patterns there will be Annabelle, Mars and this lovely story.

Many years ago I met someone through knitting who has become a very dear friend.  We have been with each other through knitting triumphs and failures, not to mention life's many ups and downs.  When she brought me this book I was so touched because it so perfectly illustrated for me this knitting world I live in-- literally and figuratively-- our store window is filled with dog sweaters by Corinne Niessner who also works with me, but I also felt a kinship to Annabelle who's stitching away in her "cold little town".  So here's to knitting, stitching, yarn, friendship, dogs and community!


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