*These people really need to get along!!

I was so busy with the NATO festivities we held at Knit 1 that I totally missed this auspicious, week-long celebration!  I was thinking about my next post today when I ran into my neighbor who told me about some community work that she's doing that has the potential to positively affect some school-age kids for a lifetime.  She also told me about an author she likes who writes on small businesses and entrepreneurship named Seth Godin.  I was intrigued so I spent some time looking at his posts and books.  I especially like the title:  Small is the New Big.  Running into her was just serendipitous, and it made me reflect on the whole issue of "small" and how with this economy we have all scaled down.  How important our neighborhoods and neighbors have become.  How we are exploring closer to home for entertainment and shopping and many of us have had wonderful staycations the last few years.  We ride our bikes or walk.  We patronize local businesses, like Knit 1.  We are building communities and looking for ways to get involved and improve things for ourselves and others.  So a shout out to all our customers, neighbors and fellow small business owners!  Yea for our community!!


*Not really about small business this picture, but about community.  I love this little lane, I want to live there!  Here's where this came from http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/blogs/tumbleweed/tagged/houses?page=2