I'm not really indecisive.  I don't want to over-analyze this, but I can't make a decision about the KAL.  There are 4 patterns that I've been fantasizing about.  Here they are in no particular order:

Space Girl
Akimbo Skirt
Danforth Pullover
Paper Crane

I think part of my problem is that we have so many great yarns right now and I want to knit with them all.  So, I'm going to throw this out to the group.  Please help me decide.  Oh, and a little confession:  I started the Akimbo and I have my yarn all ready to go for Space Girl and Paper Crane.  Space Girl, Akimbo and Danforth are all DK or worsted and we have so many great things I can't list them all, but two words - Anzula. Cricket.  They call it sport, but I feel like it's more of a DK.  It would work for all but the Paper Crane.  We have several gorgeous lace weights for the Paper Crane:  Anzula Breeze, Habu (too many to list, you have to come in), and some new linens from M&K.

So here's the deal:  I will offer 10% off yarn and needles for the KAL to begin on Wednesday night, September 5.  Using the handy widget below, leave a comment on the blog to vote for your favorite pattern and you will be entered into the contest to win an extra 10% on your yarn and needles.  The winner will be announced first thing in the morning (when I get up) on Wednesday.  The pattern with the most votes will be the KAL and we'll put the others in the queue for the next time.  Get your needles ready - we'll cast on September 5th. 

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