As promised, the trunk show is here!  We received the knitted pieces today and we only have them for a short time, so please come meet and greet this weekend. 

The garments come from the Scrumptious Baby Collection Book, with original designs from Judy Furlong, Belinda Boaden, Melanie Edgar and Kyoko Nakayoshi. The Scrumptious Baby Collection comprises eight patterns for little ones aged from 0 to 24 months, including cardigans, hats, legwarmers and a beautiful lace shawl.

 Here's what Ysolda Teague has to say about Scrumptious and the palette that she designed:

"Combining silky luxury and crisp stitch definition, Scrumptious has always been one of my go to yarns, especially for special little projects. Colors practically glow with a rich depth so it was a delightful treat for me to put together an exclusive palette and accompanying designs. Pretty little additions to your wardrobe, or gifts that you’ll know will be treasured, all of the patterns feature interesting details against a relaxing background." - Ysolda Teague

And if you need more gift ideas here are a few-- 

See you this weekend,