Knit:  This is the name of the craft I love.   This name is believed to have originated with the word knot.  It’s also the name of the basic stitch form.   Every knit stitch has its reverse side, which looks distinctly different.  This reverse side stitch is known as Purl.  All knitting is comprised of knit and purl stitches.

There is ample evidence to suggest that knitting originated in the Middle East, but here in the US, and because of our ties to England, we have referred to “right-handed” knitting (throwing) as English Knitting.   “Left-handed” knitting (picking) was at one time referred to as German Knitting, but after WWII that term had  negative associations and it came to be called Continental Knitting.  That could be a whole blog post in itself!  Common methods of holding the yarn exist in other regions of the world.  One such method, which is seen in the Middle East and Latin America has the yarn carried around the neck or pinned to the bodice.

My family is from Eastern Europe, but they all lived in Canada and I’m guessing they learned to knit in school from English knitters because they taught me to knit the “right-handed” way.  I have since taught myself to knit with my left hand, but I find it awkward and my stitches aren’t nearly as even and my tension is inconsistent.  I do however find it very useful when doing Fair Isle - color knitting - because I knit with both hands, holding one color in each. 

The first thing you learn in our Beginning Knitting class at Knit1 is how to Cast On - creating the first row of stitches.  Once you’ve got stitches on the needle you’ll learn to Knit.  Second, we’ll teach you how to Purl, and then you’ll learn to combine those two stitches into interesting patterns of which there are millions!  Next you’ll learn how to increase or decrease the number of stitches on your needles intentionally.  This is necessary when making a sweater, a hat or mittens; it’s how you shape your garment.  Then you learn how to Bind Off or take the knitting off the needles so that your stitches will be secured and won’t unravel.  You will now have all the skills needed to make a garment.  Our Beginning students have made hats, sweaters, scarves, cowls and baby blankets.  It’s your choice!  We have many yarns and patterns to choose from.   We have Beginning Knitting classes starting every four weeks.   Classes are 4 two-hour sessions and our next session begins Tuesday, February 5th at 6:30PM.  The cost is $125 and materials are included:  wool yarn, bamboo needles and handouts.  Class size is limited to 5 students.  We are flexible with make ups so occasionally there will be a 6th person in class who is making up a missed class. 

Please call us, 773-244-1646 to reserve your spot.   
Hope to see you all soon,