New Knit Along, everyone!  And guess what?  Yup, slip stitches.

A common instruction in knitting is to "slip" (sl) a stitch.  Unless your directions specify "knitwise", you are to slip the stitch "purlwise".   In other words, move the stitch from the left needle to right needle as if to purl without working it and without changing its orientation.  A stitch slipped "knitwise" will twist, while one slipped "purlwise" will remain untwisted.  There are many occasions for this maneuver:  cables; two-color, slip stitch knitting known as Mosaic Knitting; certain kinds of decreases and decorative stitches that create extra long stitches; the edge or selvedge at the beginning of a row.

Kex Scarf by Stephen West
The new KAL (knit along) is the Kex Scarf by Stephen West.  It's a beautiful example of slipped stitches used to create a plaid-like pattern.  You can use almost any yarn though the pattern calls for a worsted weight; a smaller version using a sock weight would be stunning.  It uses 4 different colors: one for the main color which is the one that creates the elongated vertical stripe -- the result of the slipped stich, and three other colors in varying amounts to create horizontal stripes.  We are offering 15% off on yarns purchased for the Kex and we're meeting Wednesdays at the shop at 6:30PM.  You can also follow along on Instagram by searching for #kexscarfkal.
Kex Knit Blanket by Stephen West
Stop by anytime to get your yarn.  You don't have to come to the meetings to participate, though we or other KALers can help you on Wednesdays.