Dear Knit 1,

I want to make a linen stitch scarf for my super hot girlfriend.  She loves that I knit and I dig her so much I want to impress her with a cool, extra long scarf in her favorite yarn, Anzula Cricket.  The problem is, I want to cast on for length, but none of my cast ons look good; backwards loop is all loose and wonky and I don't like the knitted cast on.  My preferred cast on (her's too) is the long tail, but I keep running out of yarn tail.  Help!

Contemplating Crochet in Chicago

Dear CCC,

I know you want to throw in the knitting towel, but there's a super-easy fix for your problem.  When you have a really long cast on, you can take your yarn from either end of your yarn ball like so:  Hold both ends together and make a slip knot.  Place this knot on your needle but you won't count it as a cast on stitch.  Now you have two strands of yarn that you can cast on with, but you'll never run out of tail!

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