I thought I'd give this little gem its own post.  This is a new yarn from Skacel.  Kenzie is a blend of wool, angora, alpaca and nylon silk noils imported from New Zealand.  We chose the saturated colors for the spring palette, though I'm liking it so well we may reorder the neutrals.  Its gauge is versatile -- you can knit it as a DK or as a light worsted.  One of our students is using it for the Undergrowth Hat and several other people have started sweaters. 

I love the Tayberry Hat, but I'm extra loving color work these days and I think I want to knit the Pine Bough Cowl.  Any advice for me??!

Tayberry Hat and Pine Bough Cowl in Kenzie
In another bit of news, thanks to Tim T, we now have our iPad hooked up to a wireless printer which means that you can print a pattern from your smart phone while in Knit 1.  Technically you could send the file to be printed from anywhere, like anywhere in the world anywhere!  Love technology.   The cartridges are sooooo expensive though I'm not sure whether or not I'll have to charge for printing, but at the moment it's free, so if you'd like to come in and print one of these patterns I will give you a 10% discount on Kenzie for the next week along with a color copy of your pattern.  Offer ends on April 15, 2013 (tax day!)

Thank you so much Tim T. 

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