Elizabeth Restaurant 30 March 2013

It's so boring to talk about the weather, but it really has an impact on us here in Chicago.  When the light starts to change at this time of year things start to grow, colors look different, the little crocus sprouts offer the first glimpse of color we've had in months.  So welcome.  Back in January we ordered yarn for spring and summer.  I struggle to picture summer in the middle of winter, but I sat in the shop and tried to imagine what it would look like outside -- the planters with summer flowers, the trees with leaves, everyone in sandals and sunglasses -- and we chose summer yarn in summer colors.  Now it's here!  It's still pretty cold out, but the light is shifting and the warm tones of Rowan Yarn don't look so foreign and out of place. 

Last week's deliveries from Rowan contained All Seasons Chunky, Softknit Cotton and Creative Linen, the Rowan Summer magazine and pattern support for the yarn.  I'm knitting a shop sample in the All Seasons Chunky called Hera (Zeus' wife and sister in case you forgot); all the sweaters in this book are named for women in Greek Mythology.
This yarn comes in a color range that would make it perfect for baby blankets, plus it's washable.  It knits up softly and quickly on a 10.5 needle. 

The other box that made us giddy was from Malabrigo.  Mecha -- single ply in Uruguayan Spanish, this is a superwash Aran weight.  It is gorgeous in the way that only Malabrigo is.  Superwash!  Something about the way superwash yarn is treated makes the dyes look like glazes.  It's exquisite. 

We still have a couple of spaces left in the Stranded Knitting -- Undergrowth Hat class starting on Sunday, April 6th at 10 AM.  This is a free pattern offered very generously by the designer, Mandy Powers.  It's a great pattern!  I can't believe it's free!!  It's beautiful and flawless and took a lot of time and energy and thought and knitting to put it together and offer it on the Internet so we, in a class at Knit 1 can sit at the table and I can teach you color knitting.  Designers are really giving and devoted; they answer your emails and questions and give it up for free!  Please respect them and pay for your patterns if there is a charge.  Don't copy things.  Please visit Mandy's site and leave her feedback and buy her patterns for sale.  No one is getting rich from this, but this is what we and they love to do and we all deserve some compensation and recognition.  Plus, it's illegal.

Ok, climbing down now,