A Giant Anatomical Chevron
Ever since I can remember I've loved chevrons.  When I was a young girl I had a pretend gramma, she was from Russia and she taught me to play dominoes which we did for hours and hours on end.  She also drank tea in a glass which I thought was exotic.  And she crocheted.  I knew how to knit, but for some reason I never learned to crochet.  When I was 10 she made me a giant blanket in red, white and blue which were my favorite colors.  I still have it, and it's in pristine condition.  It's made of wool and even though (I think) she was quite elderly when she made it, her skill is obvious. 

Several times a day someone comes to the store inspired to knit a blanket, and on Saturday 2 people hung out with us a bit who were making chevrons.  One was knit and one was crocheted.  This lit a little spark under me and now I'm preoccupied with thoughts of chevrons.  I'm thinking about colors of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino which would be beautiful in a garter stitch chevron, but I kind of can't stop thinking about Rowan All Seasons Cotton for a quick, chunky, modern take on the retro crochet of my childhood. 

Here are some chevrons for you to contemplate. 

Choosing colors and working through a couple rows of each stripe is so much fun and not hard, I think it's the perfect project for this season when we're all looking for something effortless and simple, yet engaging enough to keep our interest. 

Do you have memories of chevron blankets and their creators?


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