This isn't really news, but it's cold. It snowed FEET of lake effect snow in northwest Indiana yesterday.   They're still digging out.
Do you remember this old school snowstorm?

In REAL news we have been restocking the shelves at Knit 1. Here are the highlights:   We have a new shipment of In Silk  it's one of our best-loved yarns.  It appears felted in the skein, but knits up into a soft, drapey fabric with great stitch definition.  We also have new Noro!  For those who don't like the wooly wools we have Taiyo sport; very soft, great colors and only 15% wool for a great all-seasons yarn.  

We are really excited about the new yarns and Magalog from Skacel -- Riley and SimpliNatural. We bought color packs so we can swatch and experiment.  The colors are luscious the Hikoo SimpliNatural is incredibly soft and a soft and natural palette to match  Come by, see them and weigh in on patterns.

We also got a really cool bulky superwash wool from Ella Rae.  The colors are gorgeous!  I want to make Zumthor in Charcoal because I can't get enough of the gray this year.  Anyone want to join me?

I must have been smitten with lace, because we have a lot of it!  There's Findlay in 9 colors, Lace Merino in several new colors and Cima from Shibui.  I just love how it knits with mohair.  We have several projects here so you can see how luscious it is and if you want ideas for what to knit with it, we have tons!

SALE yarn:  I just put a bunch of Noro Silk Garden Lite in the sale bin.  Come and git it.  Plus, Takeuma is 20% off.

And, I have a favor:  We have had Malabrigo on order for awhile, it was supposed to ship today, I can't even remember what's in the order, but I know there's a lot of Rasta plus all of the new Rasta colors.  Every day we cross our fingers that it'll arrive so, can you all please do a Malabrigo dance?  Thanks in advance and I'll post when it gets here.

New classes are going up as soon as I send this.

The heat's on, so to speak, and it's warm and cozy here at Knit 1.