"Futile complaining reduces discomfort by reducing the discrepancy between reality and a person's standards," a psychologist wrote—in January 2010—in Psychology Today. "If another person lends a sympathetic ear or agrees with our complaint, then the discrepancy has been addressed even if it has not been reduced. Sometimes, sweet validation is all we need."

This quote, from the Chicago Tribune, is attributed to a Psychology Today article.  So I post it here to say that if you want to come in and whine tomorrow, feel free; we will most definitely lend a sympathetic ear and sweetly validate your complaints.  We have a nice space heater, big steaming radiators and a lot of wool!  We're planning on Project Class tomorrow night from 6:30 - 8:30.  Feel free to come in earlier if you'd like.  We are closed on Tuesday as we normally are.

If you don't make it in, whine, and stay warm!