Many years ago I came across a Japanese Knitting book in a book store.  It was exquisite -- like Haiku -- evocative and perfectly crafted.  Ever since, I've been enamored of Japanese crafts.  I'm always hunting for things Japanese so when I discovered Habu I was smitten.  Slowly, we have created quite a collection of their beautiful yarns.  Often customers will come in and ask what they can make with the cones of yarn with the lovely little paper labels.  We now have a vast resource of patterns we've been collecting to help guide you. 

While at the Needle Arts Trade show in May, I chanced on a company from California that sells unusual accessories and books and they had a first-rate selection of Japanese knitting and crochet books.  I ordered the titles that intrigued me most and I'm not disappointed -- they are endlessly inspiring.  I hope you'll come in and look at them and the Habu yarns and embark on one of these compelling projects.