Socks are ideal small canvases for the skills and preferences of knitters: made with beautiful hand-dyed, or colourful self-striping yarns; showcasing breathtaking stitch patterns; and featuring a level of detail and ornament to rival any sixteenth-century silk stocking. 
-Kate Davies from her blog

Man working on his small canvas

Yesterday was insanely quiet.  After the fire at the FAA in Aurora not a single plane was in the air over Chicago.  I know it created an enormous mess and my heart broke for people who couldn't get to weddings and family reunions and other events with loved ones.  However, on the ground?  Blissfully quiet.  We had a full house in the shop, the door was open, the breeze was blowing and the shelves are groaning with yarn!

We have posted the fall classes:  there are several sessions of Beginning Knitting; Intro to Crochet; Socks, ummm, SOCKS, people!  this is for all of you all who say "you should teach a sock class!" OK!  we will!! Now sign up for it!!!  It's really fun, wait'll you learn to turn a heel!  You won't believe what you can do with some sticks and string.  And, the piece de resistance --- Tubular Cast On class.  You will be amazed by this cast on.  It's fun to do, plus it gives everything this polished, professional edge.  It's the perfect accompaniment to your fall and winter accessories.  Check out the Class tab for times and dates. 

And speaking of socks, in November we are teaching our insanely popular Christmas Stocking.  There are so many cool skills learned in this class, plus it's a chance to craft your own, unique stocking using any colors you want.

I know it's really warm this week, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is your heads up, people -- it's gonna get cold, really cold -- your head and your hands and your feet will thank you for knitting up a little some'in.

See you soon,