George Benjamin Luks* - Knitting for the Soldiers
It's never to early to start that Holiday knitting, people!  Yes, we are holding our annual NYD sale!  It starts at 10AM and everything in the store will be discounted.  Please note that we aren't able to wind your purchases that day and we won't be able to honor sale prices on special orders.  There's plenty of great yarn though, and we will wind at a later date.  

*George Benjamin Luks, (August 13, 1867–October 29, 1933) was an American Realist artist and illustrator. His vigorously painted genre paintings of urban subjects are examples of the Ashcan School of American art.

Luks was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania to Central European immigrants.  His father was a physician/apothecary and his mother was an amateur painter and musician. The Luks family eventually moved to Pottsville, in southern Pennsylvania near the coal fields. In this setting, he learned at a young age about poverty and compassion as he observed his parents helping the coal miners' families.