It's spring.  Is the other shoe going to drop?  Is a late season blizzard going to blanket our new crocuses?  Will we ever be wearing sandals ever again?  Yes. The answer is YES we will wear sandals, but in the meantime I'm soothing myself with new projects and new yarn which I think is a perfect metaphor for spring and growth and renewal and all those words that make their way into the lexicon this time of year.  Look at what we're planning!

Spring Knit A Long!

The Modern Tunic Knit-a-Long is about to begin.  We're casting on Monday, April 13 and we'll wrap up on the weekend of June 13 and 14.  This is such a great garment and it can be knit in so many yarns and combinations.  When Lori was here for the workshop in January, she was wearing it knit in Shibui Linen and Cima.  I've started mine in that combo and I love it.  I'm continually impressed by the brilliance of Shibui yarn.  So many yarn combinations work and you can choose to mix colors as well.  You don't need to do it in Shibui, we have lots of other yarns that would be perfect.  Stop into the shop and we'll get you all set up.

Here are the deets:

•Come in anytime to buy your yarn and pattern and receive 10% off on all supplies specifically for this project.

•Check in with us here in the comments section or by email and/or here on Ravelry.  You must check in to get your discount.

•Join us on Monday evening for the official kick off.

•Great prizes for the first people to complete their garment.  Prizes will be awarded the weekend of June 14th.

Can't wait till I can wear this with some white jeans and sandals!