fall Sweater Club!

Intimidated by sweater knitting? Need help figuring out gauge? Have trouble deciphering pattern instructions? We’ve all been there! In Sweater Club I'll help you build the confidence you need to tackle any sweater pattern!

Pick any sweater pattern of your choice, whether it’s been sitting in a pile for months or you are starting from scratch! I’ll help you pick the best yarn for your pattern, read your gauge swatch, pick the perfect size for your body and fit needs, and get you knitting!

Fall Sweater Club starts Sunday October 6 and has 20 available classes through Sunday December 22.

Classes throughout Fall Sweater Club are:

October 6 10-12pm - FULL
October 6 3-5pm
October 13 10-12pm - FULL
October 13 3-5pm
October 27 10-12pm - FULL
October 27 3-5pm
November 10 10-12pm - FULL
November 10 3-5pm
November 17 10-12pm - FULL
November 17 3-5pm
November 24 10-12pm - FULL
November 24 3-5pm
December 1 10-12pm - FULL
December 1 3-5pm
December 8 10-12pm - FULL
December 8 3-5pm
December 15 10-12pm
December 15 3-5pm
December 22 10-12pm
December 22 3-5pm

Sign up for either 4 classes for $80 or 8 classes for $140. Additional classes can be purchased in packages of 4 and 8 classes at any time or individually for $20. If you have classes left over after Fall Session they will be transferred to the Winter Session

number of sessions

When you purchase classes you will get a confirmation email with access to the class sign up sheets so you can reserve your class spots. Please note that some classes will be unavailable as classes are already filling up.