Mini Sweater Club!

Have you been wanting to join Sweater Club but can't commit to 8 weeks of classes? Sign up for our Mini Sweater Club! At only 6 weeks long you can get a good start on a new sweater or get help with a sweater you've had as a WIP for a while. 

Intimidated by sweater knitting? Scared of knitting patterns? Want to knit a sweater in the company of some super fun people?! Then this class is perfect for you. We'll break the sweater pattern of your choice down into sections, get you on a sweater knitting schedule, and help you every step of the way; from picking out materials to seaming your sleeves. Sweater Club will help you knit a sweater! We'll also be taking techniques from Amy Herzog's CustomFit and helping you modify your sweater pattern with your exact measurements to get you a sweater you're sure to wear again and again. Signing up for this class gets you 4 or 6 class periods of your choice over the course of 6 weeks. 

Mini Sweater Club starts Sunday August 5th from 10-12pm and continues for 6 weeks through Sunday September 9th. 

Sign up for either 4 class periods over those 6 weeks for $80 or 6 class periods for $110. 

# of Sessions