Spring Sweater Club!

Intimidated by sweater knitting? Scared of knitting patterns? Want to knit a sweater in the company of some super fun people?! Then this class is perfect for you. We'll break the sweater pattern of your choice down into sections, get you on a sweater knitting schedule, and help you every step of the way; from picking out materials to seaming your sleeves. Sweater Club will help you knit a sweater! 

Spring Sweater Club starts Sunday March 31 and continues for 11 weeks through Sunday June 16th.

NEW! Morning and Afternoon Classes Available!
Classes throughout Spring Sweater Club are:

March 31 10-12pm - FULL
March 31 3-5pm - FULL
April 7 10-12pm - FULL
April 14 10-12pm - FULL
April 14 3-5pm
April 28 10-12pm - FULL
April 28 3-5pm
May 5 10-12pm - FULL
May 12 10-12pm - FULL
May 12 3-5pm
May 19 10-12pm - FULL
May 26 10-12pm - FULL
June 2 10-12pm - FULL
June 2 3-5pm
June 9 10-12pm - FULL
June 16 10-12pm
June 16 3-5pm

Sign up for either 4 class periods over those 11 weeks for $80 or 8 class periods for $140. Additional classes can be purchased in packages of 4 and 8 classes at any time or individually for $20.

number of sessions

When you purchase classes you will get a confirmation email with access to the class sign up sheets so you can reserve your class spots. Please note that some classes will be unavailable as classes are already filling up.