Summer Sweater Club!

Intimidated by sweater knitting? Scared of knitting patterns? Want to knit a sweater in the company of some super fun people?! Then this class is perfect for you. We'll break the sweater pattern of your choice down into sections, get you on a sweater knitting schedule, and help you every step of the way; from picking out materials to seaming your sleeves. Sweater Club will help you knit a sweater! We'll also be taking techniques from Amy Herzog's CustomFit and helping you modify your sweater pattern with your exact measurements to get you a sweater you're sure to wear again and again. Signing up for this class gets you 4 or 8 class periods of your choice over the course of 10 weeks. The goal is to finish your sweater by the end of the class.

Summer Session of Sweater Club starts Sunday April 23rd from 10-12pm and continues through Sunday July 16th. Please note there will not be class on Sunday June 11th.

Sign up for either 4 class periods over those 13 weeks for $80 or 8 class periods for $140. Additional classes can be added to either plan for $20 each as needed.

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