Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Freedom from Enclosed Places

One more snow picture:
We haven't lost our hope for warmer weather, this is just a minor set-back.  Spring yarns are rolling in, winter stuff is in the sale bin and we're thinking about carefree summer projects. 

We'll be closed on Easter Sunday, but look forward to seeing everyone during our regular hours the rest of the week.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Terminal Cold

Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow you can fry eggs on sidewalks, heat up soup in the ocean and get help from wandering maniacs, if you choose. 

My friend Jeanne told me about a Twilight  Zone episode where the earth is shaken from its orbit and we can't escape from endless winter.  Rod Serling was so visionary.  So if that happens, I'm going to tell you what's on the needles - mine and Cory's so that you have something to do since you won't be able to go outside.  Oh, wait, we can't go outside now.

Yellow Wall Cardigan by Judy O'brien
I'm knitting the Yellow Wall Cardigan in Ryley by Hikoo.

Hitchiker by Martina Behm
I'm knitting this is in a handyed fingering weight that we will be carrying in the next few months.  I now understand why more than 13,000 people have knit this.  I will make another one for sure.

Dovetail Shawl by Judy Marples
Cory is knitting this in Kauni Effektyarn.  It appears to be addictive, you can come see it for yourselves, it's beautiful and she hasn't put it down in a week.

If she tires of the Dovetail she'll go back to this.  Alba by Martin Storey is in the new book from Rowan called The Pure Wool Worsted Collection.

A practical joke perpetrated by Mother Nature?  Perhaps.  A practical joke with the trappings of a nightmare of terror and desperation played out in the terminal winter of the Twilight Zone.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Not to complain, but we have MORE snow.  About the only thing that can make me feel better right now is YARN, and as luck would have it when I came to the store today there were 3 BIG cartons.  Inside was, among other fabulous things, the above.  We are now stocking this gorgeous new wool from Rowan.  It's soft 100% wool, machine washable in worsted weight. We have 30 shades ranging from soft neutrals to mid tone brights and deep darks.  There are 2 new books featuring the yarn, both authored by one of our favorite designers, Martin Storey.  Stop by and see the cover sweater that we just started.

Alba by Martin Storey
Also, in the box was Rowan Fine Art.  A blend of merino, mohair and mulberry silk comes to us from an enterprise in South Africa that is committed to employing women from the poorest areas of the country.  This yarn specially designed for socks is also perfect for accessories and we are going to start a seed stitch scarf mixing it with Kid Silk Haze just as soon as we finish this blog post!

Just in time for Polar Vortex III is Rowan Cocoon.  This one!  Passion.  Big chunky, squishy cables.  The sweater is in the store for you to see!  It. Is. Luscious.

Gonna go knit now.