Want to improve your knitting skills? check
Need to make a baby gift? check
Need a wedding gift? check
Want to take a class at Knit 1, but need flexibility? check
Need a portable project? check
Want to knit with some really cool new yarn, but don't know what to make? check
Want online support for your class when you can't call Lynn or Cory? check

See!  All your problems solved with several clicks of the needles!!  We're starting the Building Blocks Class the first week of June.  Every pattern in the "Building Blocks" book focuses on the development of a skill while knitting a lovely square. Each square, or block, builds upon the skills learned in the previous patterns, giving knitters more confidence, knowledge and skill. At the completion of the series, the reward is an abundance of knitting know-how along with 12 gorgeous blocks to assemble into a sampler afghan.

We are offering this class 2 times during each week, on Wednesday mornings from 10 - noon and on Monday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30.  We encourage you to take all 12, but for a bit more coin per class you can sign up for just 3 or 6 classes.  

The cost of the series is $220
6 classes = $115
3 classes = $60

You will need to purchase the book for $20 and we kindly request that you use Knit 1 yarn for this project, but why wouldn't you want to use the brand new Hikoo Simply Worsted?  After all the book is written around this yarn and it comes in beautiful colors, it's washable and it's well priced at $14 per skein.

You've read this far so you get a reward!  Mention your dogged perseverance and get a Knit 1 Project Bag when you sign up for all 12 classes in the series.