A number of the blogs I read have taken the opportunity of the new year to talk about the importance of making life changes and alterations.  So many of us make health and fitness a focus for the new year, but maybe it's more wholistic than that.  Maybe our relationships are more important than forcing yourself to go to the gym and climb stairs to nowhere while staring at something dumb on the screen in front of you.  I'm suggesting that we play more, recreate more, create more, engage more;  focus on the things that make us happy.  Dieting and sacrificing just make you miserable and when you can't do it one more minute you feel like you've failed...  To that end I've decided to have a little celebration of the new year at Knit 1 on January 1, 2013.  I have some new things coming in for January that I'm really excited about so we have to make room.  We also have a few new things now.  I will have some yarn and books at deep discounts, but count on seeing your friends in the stitching community.  Everyone is welcome at the table!  Doors open at noon. 

See you all there,